comedic Hillbilly Burlesque Entertainment

         From The Heart of the Gold Country   

All Cheese - All Tease - All Sass - Some Class

The Kountry Kittens hail from California and offer the ultimate collaboration in
striptease, comedy, and the underground roots revival

three best gal pals from the foothills of the sierra nevadas in California, put their heads together to create a brand new brand of show.
the goal was to bring burlesque to their conservative town, who hadn't seen anything like it since the gold rush.
since then, the kittens have made their way all over California, Nevada, iowa, wisconson and a  European tour in 2015, with another one ahead in 2016.
the kountry kittens believe in good music and find most inspiration in the bands that tell the best stories,
sticking mostly to songs from the pine box boys, bob wayne and the outlaw carnies, and the entire roster from farmageddon records.
anni boelyn acts as the ringleader, with pollie urethane the debutante dropout and Sabrina marie, the sarcastic glamour puss.







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